Who We Are

About LALNDC Chapter

LALNDC is a community of practice among DC metro area colleges and universities. The network consists of students, faculty, staff, enthusiasts, and practitioners who have a shared interest in learning analytics, whether that interest be professional, academic, or leisurely. The Network hosts events, shares resources, and mobilizes initiatives that promote equity and professional development within the field. Although the context for these offerings is often set within the DC metro area, all who are interested are welcome to engage in these learning environments, regardless of geography or affiliation.


The Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT) graduate program in collaboration with the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS) at Georgetown University supports LALNDC. This is part of a broader international initiative led by The Learning Analytics Learning Network (LALN). The DC chapter of LALN was founded in 2020 by graduate students in the Learning Analytics course in Georgetown’s LDT program. LALNDC is led by a current graduate student in the program, alongside Yianna Vovides, who is the faculty advisor for the chapter.


The Learning Analytics Learning Network seeks to engage people in the discussion, discourse, and exploration of Learning Analytics within the DC metro area.

Our goals include creating events, projects, and insights to understanding the field and to better support our learners and their learning practices.

We’re constantly evolving, critiquing, and refining our craft and we invite you to join our space and make it yours!

Founding Student Group

Amelia Auchstetter | Andrea Cammack | Rachel Davison Humphries | Andi De Bellis | Kelli Harris | Aaron Joya | Leqi Li | Norah Samarkandi | Udit Sehgal | Filura Tosheva | Camille Vincent | Anxhela Zenuni | Yilei Zhang | Andrew Zubiri